Chapter 7, Page 303
September 12th, 2011

Chapter 7, Page 303

The end!!!! If you’re new here, start from the beginning.

Thanks so much to everyone who has read this comic. It’s been an illuminating experience. I’m still trying to figure out how to print this. It’s expensive to print a full colour 300 page graphic novel, no matter how you do it. Anyways, check back here and at my new comic, Late Blooming, for updates on Para-Ten’s full printing as well as other things I’m doing with my life.

Discussion (38)¬

  1. Jada says:

    Really enjoyed this! Great way to wrap it up.

  2. Julian says:

    I can’t believe it’s over. This story is amazing. It really pulls on your heart strings every step of the way. The artwork is beautiful, like a dreamscape or something ethereal. I’ll definitely buy this when it’s available in print.

  3. Miss Hedgey says:

    I have a ton of comics bookmarked and keep them categorized in various folders, one of which consists of comics that I instantly fell in love with. Let’s just say I’m glad you’ve already got another comic going on because that folder would feel very empty now that Para-Ten’s been moved to the “completed works” folder. It’s been an honour reading this.

    • Ashwara says:

      Awwww, you are too sweet. Thanks so much for sticking around pretty much the whole time, and reading the new comic as well!

  4. kernfel says:

    What a wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing it!
    I’ll admit I was a little skeptical about the artwork, but I’m very glad I stuck it in my bookmarks folder anyway. Thank you again, it was a very worthwhile journey.

  5. Aves says:

    Thanks for the great comic! I’ve been following you off and on since the first or second chapter, and of all the many webcomics I read, Paveline’s story has been one of my favorites. So, again, thanks for the great art and story writing! Beautifully done.

  6. Camila Oroza says:

    I feel that it was too short ;_;
    The music my dad is listening doesn’t a bit with the feeling ¬¬

  7. Stephanie says:

    I’ve been following you on dA for awhile, and never even realized you had a comic! It was beautiful–I was a little surprised to find myself crying at the end. Thank you so much for all your colorful artwork and stories. They inspire me.

  8. moninaca says:

    Your art and story are very beautiful.

  9. Arya says:

    Shucks… I can’t believe it’s over.
    It’s beautiful.
    Perfect way to end it.

  10. Kindren says:

    Quite the ride. Still waiting patiently for the book. XD I haven’t gotten into your new comic yet, but I have it book marked so that I can get caught up one afternoon when I’m not doing anything.

    I look back and realize I started reading this 22 pages in. I always wished I could donate more, but being so damn broke is suffering. I’ll be sure to come and relentlessly lecture you on confusing parts in your new comic as well, because I’m like a disease that you just can’t get rid of. XD

  11. yuka says:

    I can’t wait to get the whole set of prints. Please update on when they’re available <3 I love this webcomic so much <3 I read the whole thing at work! <3 <3 <3 Always makes me happy to see this updated <3

  12. zykrinnox says:

    I loved Para-Ten! 8D I started reading it yesterday and only got to read for an hour or two. I woke up this morning looking forward to spending more time with it. This is great, and if you ever make it into a book, I will definitely buy it. 8D

    By the way, I love your use of color, and all the characters are quite fascinating. Thanks so much!

  13. lucas_irineu says:

    Amazing. I really loved the art in this. The book is something I would definitely buy, depending on the price.

  14. Liam says:

    I’ve been lurking since maybe chapter 2? I don’t even remember how I came across this lovely story, but I’m very glad I did and now it’s over (a bittersweet fact) I thought I’d comment for once. Not only was the story and artwork compelling and interesting, I also enjoyed how alongside Paveline’s own growth, you also grew and improved — which showed through your artwork and everyone’s comments, and although not the main focus, a pleasant complement. Thank you, and I’ll be sure to follow your next works (Late Blooming’s already bookmarked)!

  15. devo says:

    this was so worth the hour it took to finish this entire series. I.LOVE.YOUR.PAINTING.GAAAH

  16. zounds says:

    Hullo, I’ve been doing an archive binge since I found the comic and boy oh boy, it easily enters my favourites list. I am sorry I cannot offer much of critique (I’m not versed in the arts of drawing) but from the storytelling point of view it was top-notch. Though I would advise you to not do retcons (I’m thinking of the characters that stabbed Akhana’s brother in the first iteration), it is a tool one should employ as often as nuclear weapons – as rarely as possible since rewriting reality is a cop-out.
    Other than that before you send the pages to the printer take a look at the lettering and clean it up. Maybe you’d want to invest in some kind of font-thingy that can make you your own font based on your handwriting.
    Also, I’d buy books of the comic in an instant!

    • Ashwara says:

      Ha ha I agree, although it’s actually only the designs that were redone. The characters were the same, so I had the plot planned properly just not the designs… although I can’t disagree with you, ha ha. But I’m glad you liked it otherwise, thank you! I’ll definitely have to go through it and edit the font and such. Hopefully someday I can get it to the printer. But yes, thank you for reading and everything!

  17. AngealRising says:

    amazing :D

  18. Kat says:

    this was simply AMAZING– I adore your use of lines and watercolor style, but especially love the touching story! And I don’t know if I’m just silly and missed it, but what is the meaning behind the title “Para-Ten”? Or is it open for interpretation?

    • Ashwara says:

      I’m going to explain it eventually, but I wanted to wait until I print it in a book… sadly it’s taking longer than I hoped

  19. Locoma says:

    I’m guessing that something like Lulu or Ka-blam are out of the question among your options to print this? It’s been a while since the last time I’ve read Para-Ten (I remember it being at drunkduck among my favorites) but I would be delighted to buy a printed copy so I can read it all.

    • Ashwara says:

      They just cost so much, I wouldn’t really be able to make much of a profit, but I might give it a shot, with a small print run. We’ll see… going to a real printer is more complicated and more expensive

  20. Jety Lefr says:

    Loved loved loved!
    Read it today and loved ♥

  21. Lucas says:

    I know I’m a late reader in here..just as a commenter, but man! That was awesome! Art work and history just amazing \o/
    Going to read your new one now! Truly inspiring (and somewhat depressing when I compare with my drawings) your work.
    Keep it up \m/

  22. Ashley says:

    I just discovered Para-Ten recently and absolutely loved it. Your style is different from most comics, I think. While most are drawn cartoon like with clean lines, you draw with ink free hand – I think your style gives the comic a more personal feel, if you know what I mean. Lol. And I especially the colours – they complement each other nicely and I wish I was as great at colouring as you!
    The story is original and all the characters, even the minor ones, seemed almost like real people, with their own story.
    Even after reading the whole thing, I still don’t really get it, and this is kind of a one-shot thing, so we still are left with a few questions and no answers – but that mysterious-ness seems to suit the story, and it ends well.

    I think I am rambling :D . But I absolutely love Para-Ten!! Great work for going through such a long project.

  23. Oldskool says:

    I was linked over from Happle Tea, and saw your mentioning not knowing how to get this printed. I am sure you already know this, but, just in case, from what I have seen, your 2 best options, for not costing you anything, are:

    1.) Print-on-demand, using -you retain full copyright, you keep 80% of net profits, and can opt out at any time.

    2.) Start up a Kickstarter to raise the funds. (As we all saw on BoingBoing, OOTS raised over $35,000 for reprinting back issues)

  24. methermeneus says:

    No matter how you publish, you have a sale right here when it happens!

  25. Nai says:

    That was the best webcomic Ive read in such a long time. I love the story and the style! OHHH wow, im so glad I found this!!

  26. Faunachi says:

    This story is so beautiful. I would buy the book without a second’s hesitation, no matter the price.

  27. Tknight says:

    Beautiful work! This whole this is a work of art! Fantastic! I can think of so many good words to describe this comic! Wow!

  28. SkyeLuce says:

    This is such a beautiful story. The art is stunning on every single page, and the story itself is so nicely interwoven and heartfelt.

    It really spoke to me and I basically read it nonstop. Thank you so much for sharing something so special with the world.

  29. Crow says:

    Wow! This is wonderful! I really enjoyed reading it and admiring your beautiful art work. It’s a really gorgeous story and you should be very happy :D You’re awesome and I love your art!

  30. marisa says:

    it’s really rare when I read a complete webcomic. I usually stop in the beggining or middle of them. if they’re still not complete, I can keep reading them and I’m alwys updating. but I’ve never finished reading a webcomic, even more in nonstop. this story speaks so much to me. my thoughts on people, my hopes on people. it’s wonderful. it’s one of the most beautiful stories I have read in my life. you’re really talented and has a really beautiful way of seeing souls. thank you very much for sharing this, so more people could share feelings and maybe, who knows, change some of their opinions. you’re amazing.

  31. Mitis says:

    Today is the day I discovered the comic – today is the day I have finished it. Great!



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